public diary

Results of my Experiment

I’m on my 8th day sick with the coronavirus and self quarantining. Yesterday I figured working out is very effective against it and helps me feel better throughout the day. I also decided to experiment not taking any at-home treatments today, including the antibiotics.

A Sign of Relief

It started just like the other days, peaceful then gradually feeling the pains (headaches, chest pains and random muscle aches). Cooked breakfast then I took one of each of the pills my landlord brought to me last Wednesday (May 20).

Low Energy and Loss of Smell

In fact, I couldn’t do anything apart from sleeping. It’s as if I just came back from a marathon, I was tired to death. That was the only new symptom yesterday.

Undergoing Treatment and Feeling Like I Matter

I started the at-home treatments recommended by my mother and brother. Oh and even my clients, my teammates and my boss. It’s crazy, I knew I was dealing with the right people (outside of my family) altogether

My First Known COVID-19 Death

Last night I could hear a lot of mourning and yelling in my neighborhood. I could tell that somebody died, but it was pretty late so I didn’t bother going outside.

Back to Hiking and Respecting Myself More

This morning I decided to go hiking with 3 of my neighbors. Actually, we discussed this since last night while I was out for some errands, then it happened. Was a great experience. Thinking about it, I’ve never regretted going hiking. It’s always different.
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