Remember Who You Are

Today, while I was listening to one of Tom Bilyeu’s episodes, the one with Gabby Bermstein, I found a new mantra.

It’s a video but I don’t watch it, I just listen.

I don’t usually watch his videos by the way, they are too long for my taste.

For some reason this morning I thought I’d try spending an hour on that video and see.

Anyways, at about 20 minutes in, Gabby explained how to fight racing thoughts, anxiety and taking control of the moment by using mantras.

It wasn’t my first time learning about mantras, but I naturally decided to practice it right away and find my own.

I automatically found it. It was so easy, I was surprised.

Then I immediately knew why. At about 8-9 minutes, she mentioned how the brain is so smart, it puts away things that hurt you. You know, things like trauma, mental abuse… to a point where you dissociate (strong word here).

She also mentioned how she has no memories of her childhood.

I started relating to her.

And then I stopped and asked myself: Why am I not able to remember shit? I’ve been saying this for a long time now.

So I started trying to remember my childhood. Surprisingly… I can’t even remember the last time I tried doing that.

This is when the mantra part of the conversation came up. So I decided to base my mantra around remembering my childhood.

And this is when it happened: I remember it all. All of it. I could just think of a year, an experience, someone’s name and loads of pictures would come up in mind.

I was like, WTF!!? I’ve actually been through a lot so far. How am I not grateful for those???

I thought, it’s a miracle that we’re still alive right at this moment.

And there, I realized it: I am whole.

Yes, this is my current mantra. Notice the emphasis on current. I’ve had many others before, and I will probably find something even better in no time.

That’s why, unlike a lot of people and obviously Gabby in this video, I don’t mind sharing mine. :)

It’s really not the what, it’s the how.

Don’t you see?

I made a conscious effort to remember my past and it helped me feel better and will likely support me in other areas of my life.

A conscious effort.

From my research and what she says in this video, people usually repeat their mantra and then get in the zone.

The way I’m experiencing mine is by first remembering who I am (mentally picturing moments of my existence with details), then my mantra comes up and I keep repeating the two processes until I get into the zone.

Now, what is it about being whole, you say?

If you’ve read one of my previous articles (Sense the Body). You’d know how much I advocate for self awareness and self consciousness.

When I get into the zone with my mantra, I am able to sense each and every part of my body. I feel whole.

It’s as if my brain finally remembers it’s been constantly carried by something that it’s attached to for over two decades now.

I automatically become grateful and feel like I can take on anything.

Like writing this article.

So, for those of us who make the conscious effort to be at least 0.1% better than the previous day, to us I say

Greatness is coming.

~ Captain Sinbad