School projects

Those are my favorite projects at 42 so far. Check out my Github for more.

  • Minishell: As beautiful as a shell.
  • Get Next Line: A function that reads any valid file line by line until the end.
  • Libft: My implementation of some of the Standard C Library - functions including some additional ones.
  • ft_ls: My own implementation of the famous Unix command: ls, using the C programming language
  • ft_select: A robust file browser and manager in the terminal.

Personal Projects

Most of my personal projects are open source, so follow me on Github to stay up to date!

Freelance Work

I didn’t use to document my work before, so I’ll only display the ones starting from 2016.

Dec/2016 - Feb/2017 Web Development, RSH Healthcare, Remote

  • Led the development of a dashboard web & mobile app called POMR - Patient-Owned Medical Record.
  • Full stack development using Node.js, Express, Bootstrap and MongoDB.

Previous Experiences

2010-2012 Web Development, GamesTaken

  • Developed & co-founded an online gaming website called GamesTaken. We got hacked internally and lost all our content.
  • Full stack development using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery.