My 2019, in a nutshell

Today is the last day of 2019.

I’m all alone, sitting in my old office next to a piece of cake that a pal of mine just gave me - thanks again Aasson - and a list of goals for next year.

I just published my latest Awesome Quora article.

Earlier than this I was working on a mobile app project for a client.

About a month ago I moved to a new place, in the same city, in the same building.

About 2 months ago I got fired from my first local job after 2 years.

A little bit over 3 months ago, I fell in love.

About 6-7 months ago, I started learning to dance.

About 8-9 months ago, I started practicing Japanese and Spanish.

About 11-12 months ago, I understood myself better and set some new goals for this year.

There’s way more to it, but I’ll leave it to this.

I loved it.

Here we go again.